Sunday, September 27, 2009

How's that for good driving?

Yesterday, the boys and I were in the van headed to drop Jonathan off at a birthday party.  We were not late, but there was not a lot of cushion either so I was driving fairly quickly through a green light at an intersection.  This intersection was a little higher than the road so I was able to get the van to catch some air and we felt like we were flying for a few milliseconds. 

Jonathan said, "Wow, Mom.  That felt like a rollercoaster.  My penis was flying through the air."

Well.  I have nothing to add to that one. 

There you go.


Shannon C. said...

Oh my goodness... That just made me laugh out loud! HAHAHAHAHA!

James said...

Ah yes...the hilarity involved with little boys. Usually leaving their Mom speechless and Dad ROFL.