Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kids say the darndest things: Caleb version

Two weekends ago as we were getting ready to drop him off at childcare for Parent's Night Out at church:
"Mom, I am really getting tired of you abandoning us all the time so that you can go out on dates with Daddy."

Nice try, son. You almost had us, but not quite.   We continued with our plans and abandoned him for 3 whole hours while he played video games and basketball at church.

Fast forward to this past weekend as Caleb was getting prepared to go to an overnight sleepover lasting from 4pm until 9 am the next day:
"Caleb, we are really getting tired of you abandoning our family to go to birthday parties.  We think you should stay home."  (wink, wink)

But that turkey did not miss a beat, he replied, "But, Mom, I will be having fun when I go."

There you go.


Rebecca C said...

Quick call Child Protective Services for that poor unfortunate abandoned boy. Or maybe call Parent Protective Services for his hapless parents who will only get more and more bamboozled by his quick wits and ample application of guilt!

Good story. Glad you're back to blogism a little.

Jennifer Patrick said...

Bless his little heart....having you and Jeremy as parents must be unbearable! I mean, all of the love and attention and fun in that house....just really, really sad. :)
Love ya, Linda!