Thursday, February 19, 2009

We may never see them again... or they may never see IT again.

Ok, so it happened. We caved. We bought the boys a Wii for Christmas. I really do not like video games for the kids but the Wii was the one thing that they really really wanted so we gave in. In its defense, we have 4 controllers so we can all play at one time and it really is more active than the other systems. We have enjoyed it (and we have even thought about the possibility of going out on a dinner date while the boys play it. They would never even know we had left.)

But, oh, what a slippery slope we were on!

Caleb decided to save up all his birthday money and Target gift cards and pool it with Jonathan's money so that they could buy a handheld game, Nintendo DS. Oh no, not more!!

Honestly, I have been holding them off since December for this purchase with phrases like:

" I think that the bank is closed right now so we can't get your money."
" Remember that once you spend your money it is all gone and you can'tget anything else with it."
and my personal favorite:

" Why don't you get a piece of candy instead?" (any port in a storm, baby!)

Anyway, Caleb was really done with all of my stalling techiniques so we put all his $ in a ziploc and we headed to the bank and Target yesterday. Warning sounds were going off in my head when I could not peel him away from the Video Game display at Target long enought for him to complete his purchase. But the child had amassed a fortune of 129.00 and who was I to stop him from spending it? (well, I could have, but I didn't.)

So now we have a DS in the house. Let the brain mushiness begin. So long to reading a story, writing, pretending, and face to face communication. Ok, so maybe I am being dramatic, but I do have serious reservations about this whole thing. I decided that what the world meant for "evil" I would use for good and required them to put away their laundry, pick up their toys, take a bath, and get dressed in pj's before they could play the dreaded DS.

This just in: (and seriously, I did not make this stuff up!) I had to take a break in the middle of this very post about the DS in order to break up a fight between my boys about said DS. Now the object of strife is taken away until Saturday.

....and to that my dear friends, I say, "There you go!"


Alicia said...

We are in longing for a DS territory in our house as well. But the wii...the wii is just as addicting for parents as it is kids. We have a blast playing as a family quite often. I am the family bowling champion, thank you very much!! Anyway, it is fun!

Amanda said...

This is hilarious! We are trying to keep these out of our house as long as we can as well! I guess now I know that once they go to school we're sunk! My kids currently don't know anything about them except when they see them in Best Buy or Target... and darn... "they're not working today, kids" or "mommy doesn't know how to get it started" are my classic lines! I guess the games will come soon enough, but we are not ready for all that!